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License Services

  • Advance Licensing Services
    At Mahalakshmi Overseas you will get the best licensing and policy services. Our company is based in Gurgaon, Haryana, but we provide our services to almost all parts of the country. Clients can avail from us the Advance licensing service which involves filling and preparing all your applications
  • DGFT License Services
    The business of foreign trade needs an in-depth working knowledge of the latest rules and provisions in force from time to time. Mahalakshmi Overseas, Haryana, is the best in the field of policy and licensing produces and will handle all the licensing formalities related to Director General Foreign
  • EPCG Licensing Services
    It is very important for the production companies who export their goods overseas to have EPCG license. This scheme was initiated by the government of India to promote the production of services and goods of great quality which will be exported from India. If you have this license, you can import
  • MEIS License Services
    MEIS is an incentive scheme that is introduced by the Foreign Trade Policy in India. The incentive scheme that is introduced is one among the schemes that entitle the exporters to the duty credit scripts that are subjected to various conditions. We at Mahalakshmi Overseas, Haryana, have
  • SEIS License Service
    If you want to get the best SEIS license service, you are certainly in the right place. At Mahalakshmi Overseas, Haryana, you will get the best services for SEIS license. To encourage exports, the Indian government provides amazing benefits to the exporters of our company. These advantages are

Registration Services

  • GST Registration Services
    Are you looking for GST registration services? We at Mahalakshmi Overseas, Haryana, provide our customers with the best services. If you have any kind of business, you must know about GST. GST is a good and service tax which is charged on the supply of different kinds of services and goods. It
  • IEC Code Registration Services
    For importers, the export and import codes are extremely important when the shipment is cleared from the customers and the fund is sent abroad or overseas. And for the exporters, the import and export code is important when the money is transferred to their accounts and also when they send their
  • New IEC Registration Services
    If you are looking for new IEC registration services, you are in the right place. In Haryana, Mahalakshmi Overseas has made a huge name with the services. Our company provides the best services at an affordable price. IEC or importer and exporter code is essential for your business identification.
  • Steel Import Monitoring System Registration
    The SIMS or Steel Import Monitoring System Registration service is a licensing program is important for the importers of steel. The government has introduced this licensing program which has made maintenance of the statistical database and recoding of the steel imports entry easy. We at Mahalakshmi

Other Services

  • Direct Tax Services
    The direct tax is one of the taxes that is paid by an individual directly to the government. It is like an income tax, land tax, poll tax and the personal property tax. The direct taxes are generated based on the capability of the taxpayer to pay. This means that the more the ability, the higher
  • ROSCTL Consultant Services
    The ROSCTL schemes provide a rebate on all the embedded central and state levies or taxes that are made for the exports of the ready-made garments and articles. Also, this scheme will be extended to the other products that are exported in future. We at Mahalakshmi Overseas provide our customers and
  • Brand Rate Fixation Services
    With our knowledge and experience in this area, we are fully immersed in providing our customers and clients with the best Brand rate Fixation services. Our company, Mahalakshmi Overseas, Haryana, is well known in the market due to excellent services. We have been in this industry for years and we
  • Duty Drawback Scheme
    If you want to know more about the Duty Drawback Scheme speak to us. We at Mahalakshmi Overseas is one of the best company for policy and licensing services in Haryana. We provide our customers with all the necessary and important information about the government schemes that are helpful for your
  • GST Refund Services
    Mahalakshmi Overseas is one of the best company for licensing and registration services including GST refund based in Haryana, India. If you own a business it is really important to have GST registration services. GST provides an efficient and clearer invoice that has a based tracking system which
  • Standard Input Output Norms
    Standard Input Output Norms or SION is also known as IO norms. This is used to characterise the measures of the output and import sources that are needed to make a unit of the output for export purpose. This norm is import for the business and items like engineering, electronics, food, chemical,
  • Duty Free Import Authorization Scheme
    Under the scheme of Duty free import authorisation, the goods that are imported can be made duty free if the goods are incorporated physically in products which will be exported. There is an export obligation which is set as a condition if you want the advanced authorization certificate.
  • RODTEP Scheme
    Want to get the best RODTEP services? Speak to us at Mahalakshmi Overseas, Haryana. Our company provides the best services at an affordable price to customers throughout the country. The RODTEP scheme initiated by the Indian Government helps the exporters of India to get level playing field in the
  • TMA Services
    Get the best TMA services from Mahalakshmi Overseas based in Haryana. Our company is well-known and popular in the market for our extraordinary services. The commerce ministry has laid a detailed procedure to claim the transport and marketing assistance which is also known as TMA scheme. Under this
  • ROSCTL Scheme
    In India, the textile industries are flourishing. Our country has the largest textile industries in the world with a great number of raw materials and manufacturing strength. A new scheme has been launched by the textile ministry for exporting garments. It is known as Rebate of State and Central
  • IEC Modification Services
    At Mahalakshmi Overseas, Haryana, we have IEC experts who will help you update the details in the Import Export Code certificate also known as IEC certificate. You need to update every information and data about your company. Like, the activity status, branch details, the manufacturing details and

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